Bimagic Squares of order 8

Bimagic squares are rather hard to create. But some well-known algorithms exist especially for orders 8, 9 and 16, which will create a great variety of different bimagic squares.

Method Method
Chen – Li Lamb   (pandiagonal)
Coccoz Portier   (pandiagonal)
Coccoz   (Pattern) Rilly
de Winkel Tarry 1903   (pandiagonal)
de Winkel   (pandiagonal) Tarry 1904   (pandiagonal)
Gérardin   (pandiagonal) Tarry - Cazalas
Hendricks   (pandiagonal)

All algorithms are described in detail in my PDF book.   (chapter: Bimagic Squares)

DokumenteDetailed description of algorithms to create magic squares.