Magic squares of double-even order:   Arab Methods

The construction of magic squares with double-even order (n=4,8,12,…) is quite simple. The square can be divided into four quadrants, which also have an even order. So it is easy to fill them in a symmetrical order. There exist a lot of different algorithms and some of them should be presented.

There are so much methods to create magic squares of double-even order, so that they are divided into three sections. In this section you will find some old arab methods, dated to the period from 1000 to 1300.

You will find more methods to create magic squares of double-even order in section Even, in section Doubled Order choosing subsection n=4k or n even and also in section pandiagonal squares.

Methods Methods
Method of marking diagonals Shabramallisi (Method 1)
Al-Kharaqi Shabramallisi (Method 2)
Marking Cells Method Shabramallisi (Method 3)
Al-Asfizari Shabramallisi (Method 4)
Moschopoulos Shabramallisi (Method 5)
Unknown author (Method 1) Shabramallisi (Method 6)
Unknown author (Method 2)

All algorithms are described in detail in my PDF book. (chapter: Magic Squares of double-even order)

DokumenteDetailed description of algorithms to create magic squares.