Magic squares of double-even order:   Methods of modern history

There are so much methods to create magic squares of double-even order, so that they are divided into three sections. In this section you will find some methods of modern history.

You will find more methods to create magic squares of double-even order in section Even, in section Doubled Order choosing subsection n=4k or n even and also in section pandiagonal squares.

Method Method
Arnauld Method of rotations
Cram (Method 1) Miranda - Miranda (Method 1)
Cram (Method 2) Miranda - Miranda (Method 2)
Cram (Method 3) Miranda - Miranda (Method 3)
de La Hire – Violle Pan Linsen
d'Ons-en-Bray Planck
Drach Planck (Theory of reversions)
Duan – Liu – Öi – Tian Poignard
Huang – Lin Rallier des Ourmes
Ibrahim – Jibril – Umar Shen
Liang Peiji-Zhang Hangfu-Zhang Xiafu Umar
Lin Pengcheng (1997) Woodruff
Lin Pengcheng (1998) Zhu Yunshan