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I have changed my presentation of algorithms to construct magic squares,because it's really hard to show all aspects as HTML pages. So I will publish these algorithms as PDF documents. But it's absolutely clear that all existing pages, especially all interactive pages, remain.


Unfortunately this document is in German language. But Google translation may be a good help. smiley

If you are interested in a better english translation of this PDF document, please send an email. If enough readers want such a translation, i will consider it, although it takes a lot of work. And if you even kindly offer to proofread some pages of my translation, this would be a great help. (only spelling etc., not the contents)

Title Version Date Download
Entire Document   (1356 pages, 11.4 MB) 2.03 04. Oct 2020 Download Magic Squares
Table of contents Download MS-toc
Bimagic Squares (chapter 11) Download MS-chapter 11
Bibliography 2.0 05. Apr 2020 Download MS-bibliography
Bibliography (supplement) 1.1 30. Aug 2021 Download MS-bibliography (supplement)


Last update: Mo 30. Aug 2021