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I have changed my presentation of algorithms to construct magic squares, because it's really hard to show all aspects as HTML pages. So I will publish all algorithms as PDF book. But it's absolutely clear that all existing pages, especially all interactive pages, remain.


I have translated my book of construction methods for magic squares into English.

This translation surely has many spelling, grammar and style errors because I am not a professional translator. But it is always understandable and definitely better than any computer translation. So, I decided to publish it.

If you think that a part of my translation is not understandable, wrong, bad or terrible, please send me a short message with these sentences so that I can rewrite them.

Title Version Date Download
Entire PDF book   (english, 1382 pages, 11.2 MB) 2.12 05. Mar 2022 Download Magic Squares
Bimagic Squares   (chapter 11) Download MS-chapter 11
Bibliography 2.1 26. Dec 2021 Download MS-bibliography


Last update: Sa 05. Mar 2022