Interactive Transformations

If you already know on existing magic square, you can select from a variety of transformations to create new magic squares. (In rare cases you have to disable a blocking extension of your browser)

Please write or copy the numbers of your magic square into this textarea. It is not necessary that the numbers are written in a structured form, but they have to be separated by an arbitrary number of whitespace (space, tabs or line breaks).

show available actions

Available actions
rotate clockwise by 90° rotate by 180° rotate clockwise by 270° flip mirror reflect over its main diagonal reflect over its secondary diagonal complementary numbers
row-column-transformation row-column-transformation with 1 fixed corner row-column-transformation with fixed corner cells move the two median rows and columns row-column-permutation wap pairs of numbers rearrange diagonals move rectangles at the border
swap all quadrants AD-Transformation (Planck) show as one intermediate square split into two number squares split like de la Hire analyze   set as new base square